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quinta-feira, 25 de Abril de 2019

Spain in Lisbon

A high level presence of Spain in the Future Health Meeting edition of Lisbon, last April 2012

Jose Soto, President of OIPPSS Organizacion Iberoamericana de Prestadores de Servicios de Salud and General Manager of Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid, pointed out at the conference the importance of the relationship between latin america and Spain and Portugal for international cooperation.

Boi Ruiz, regional Minister of Health of Catalunya, made a speech on the freedom of choice as a trend for the evolution of health systems. A vivid debate followed the speech, considering the economic and organizational limitations that the heath systems are facing worldwide.

António Burgueño
, Gerenal Manager of Hospitals of Madrid Community, participated in the international debate over knowledge and innovation as the driven forces of health systems development.

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Boi Ruiz i Garcia, Conseller de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Health Minister Catalunya

Antonio Burgueño, Director General de Hospitales de La Comunidad de Madrid
General Manager Madrid Community Hospitals

Jose Soto Bonel, Presidente de la OIPSS Organizacion Iberoamericana de Prestadores de Servicios de Salud
President of OIPPSS

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