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jueves, 25 de abril de 2019


Victor Herdeiro | Council for Cooperation | Portugal
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July, 2012  - Visit to Mozambique - Future Health Mozambique Meeting

"...looking to build their economic infrastructure and maximize the use of its human resources..."

Victor Herdeiro, Chairman of the ULS Matosinhos Hospital Pedro Hispano and Carlos Tomas, members of the Council for Cooperation of Portugal, made a visit to Mozambique, during which it held a conference Seminar on Organizational Effective Methodologies in Health Care, attended by senior officers and officials from the Ministry of Health, Hospital Directors and other stakeholders, organized by the MOH Ministry of Health of Mozambique, under the responsibility of the National Director of Human Resources, Dr Martin Djedje.

Victor Herdeiro directed an Open Lecture on Operations Management and Logistics Hospital, for students of the Administration and Hospital Management at ISCISA the Higher Institute of Health and Management of Mozambique, attended by students and teachers of the management course, and also by  chairs in the various courses and some technicians engaged in the administrative area.

During his stay in Maputo, Mozambique's capital, they made contacts with the most senior members of the health sector and with several leading representatives of Mozambican society, still making several visits to various health institutions both public and private, with the aim of obtaining knowledge and explore possible areas of future cooperation.

The Minister of Health of Mozambique was awarded as Honorary Member of the Portuguese Association of Engineering and Management of Health, and the Deputy Minister of Health and the Dean of the Medical Council were awarded as Honorary Members of the international initiative Future Health Meeting.

Mozambique is a country in rapid growth, which begins to explore huge reserves of gas and coal, looking to build their economic infrastructure and maximize the use of its human resources in a process of sustainable development.

A significant Mozambican delegation was present and followed the works in the Future Health Meeting, held at  Loures Portugal on 13th of April of 2012

Nazira Vali Abdula  | Vice Minister of Health Republica de Moçambique | Jacobe Geremias Myambir |  Embassador in Portugal | Arnaldo Gaspar Nhabinde | Consul | Augusto César Macome | General Manager Hospital da Beira | Aurélio Zilhão | Bastonário Ordem dos Médicos | Mamudo Rafik Ismail | Dean Faculty of Medicine Eduardo Mondlane | Moisés Lopes  | General Manager Hospital Central de Nampula


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