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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fernando Regateiro | President of the Council for Cooperacion | Portugal


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Colombia's booming potential and vibrant workforce make it an ideal platform for outsourcing, and it has introduced policies to enable service exporters of the tourism, information technology (IT), and medical sectors to benefit from duty drawback on imported products.
Latin America is becoming the destination of choice over other competitive markets, such as Asia, due to its proximity to the United States, its investor-friendly climate and the increasing levels of education of its population.

Juan Carlos Giraldo, General Director of the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics (ACHC), accurately defines the era Colombia is experiencing: “The export of services is not something new here. Our quality standards are becoming stronger so that we can compete in the North American market with two main groups in mind: one is Colombians living there, which is a very large group. In New York and Miami there are 1 million and 1.5 million people. And secondly, we also have in mind some insurers who see there are important possibilities here, because of prices and easy conditions.”

The new hospital built in Rio Negro by the Fundación San Vicente de Paul is one such project that will boost the export of medical services.

Colombia ranks among Latin America’s most favorable destinations for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. The BPO Association, led by Ana Karina Quessep, is responsible for the progress of the call center industry. Colombia’s human resources gives it a competitive edge within the industry over other destinations such as Ireland or India.

Barranquilla, Pereira and Manizales have created thousands of jobs through call centers and BPO companies. Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Diego Molano Vega has instigated a plan to promote the export of creative industries, such as software development. The ratification of the free trade agreement with the U.S. will make it Colombia’s main market for these services.

The Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics invited the Portuguese Health Engineering and Management Association APEGSAUDE to participate in the X Congress of Colombian Hospitals and Clinics and in the II Iberoamerican Meeting of Hospital Leaders, held in Bogotá, 8 to May 11, 2012.

Fernando Regateiro, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, former President of the Board of Coimbra University Hospitals, and President of the Council for Cooperation of APEGSAUDE represents the association and will be the speaker in the  panel titled: Desarrollos y retos de las redes integradas de servicios de salud en Iberoamérica. - Developments and challenges of integrated networks of health services in Latin America.

12 countries will attend the meeting: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Portugal and Colombia.

During the stay Fernando Regateiro, as a VIP invited to the Congress, will have a busy agenda of contacts with decision makers and representatives of the health sector in Colombia and Latin American countries, and will explore opportunities for the development of international cooperation, to share resources and access to technology as well as new forms of organizational behavior and management.


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