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FUTURE HEALTH Meeting, is a not for profit and a non governmental international organization, entirely private.

Regularly promotes international informal meetings, bringing together political leaders in charge of health policies, experts in several specific fields in health sector, top managers of he most diverse organizations, hospitals, public services, social care, and private companies.

The first international meeting took place in Loures, Portugal, on April 13, 2012, and were attended by top leaders from Angola, Cabo Verde, Chile, España, Moçambique, United States, and Portugal.

The main goals of the informal meetings are to build bridges between people, to put resources together, improve results, to spread innovation, cooperating for growth in health care. In a few words: a better health for all.

Future Health Meeting operates in Europe, África and América. Is open to organizations and individuals. Countries to join are wellcome.

Future Health Meeting is managed and operated by the Council for Cooperation | Portugal, a part of the Portuguese Health Engineering and Management Association.

Conselho para a Cooperação | Portugal

Fernando Regateiro
 Medicine Faculty of Coimbra in Portugal
Victor Herdeiro
President of ULSM Pedro Hispano Hospital
Maria do Céu Madeira
 Hospital Manager
Carlos Tomás
President of APEGSAUDE



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